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2000 Jaguar XJ8 for Sale       

Mileage: 250k - Engine replaced 1-2 years ago. New engine had 130K miles. Transmission replaced at 170L miles. Never been in a wreck but a deer hit the top of the hood and it was repaired.

Asking 7K

Call Neil Freeman: 678-315-9350

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My visit to the Morgan Factory - July 2023

My wife (Joan) and new family members had the privledge of touring the Morgan factory. Not all of the participants in my group were "car guys" but each came away with a new appreciation for old world craftsmanship, quality and pride in one's work. There were no computers, no robots and no conveyor belts. Bonnets were bent, louvers stamped, wood wheel arches glued and molded into shape, leather interiors sewn and fitted by real people. I highly recommend visiting this factory not just for the cars, but for a glimpse into our past and hopefully a link to the future. Long live the Morgan and how its built.

PS: i have lots of photos and videos if anyone would like to see more.

Les Neumann

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